Most clever marketing hype ever

4. September 2005

Shaun Inman, honorable inventor of sIFR, is about to release Mint as a successor to his program ShortStat, a statistics package allowing site owners to dig into various aspects of their site’s visitors habits.

Having used ShortStat for a while (mainly lured into using this because of the buzz it was surrounded by) and later on abandoning it because of the size of its database and its narrow feature set, I am very impressed on how much propaganda one can achieve by doing web marketing right.

Most clever marketing hype ever.

Me bows. Shaun Inman is one of the web’s savviest communicators with talents widely exeeding just coding and design.

UPDATE (Oct 04, 2005): Obviously, the recent discussion on Mint concentrates on arguments whether USD 30 is a justified price tag.

It is, of course.

We live in a free economy, no one is forced into buying anything. If Mint lacked buyers because of its price, it would silently disappear from the market and leave the place to free utilities like Peastat, Shortstat or the statistics packages included with the web hosting plans.


  1. I was thinking exactly the same thing.
  2. im so not as interested in mint as they want me to be. tired of hearing about it
  3. marketing hype or genuune enthusiasm? I say the latter.

    My apologies if 8 people is too much enthusiasm.
  4. It’s not something to apologies for, it’s just that 8 well-read journals talking about one app, all praising it at the time of release is a very effective marketing campain by webstandards (not those webstandards, but standards on the web!)

    One wouldn’t be able to create better PR if one tried – that’s our, or at least my point.