wet_slimpattern: Integrate even Mint with Textpattern

31. Dezember 2005

According to this entry in the Mint support forum, wet_slimpattern can easily be adapted to integrate Mint into a Textpattern installation as well.
Thus, I’ve added one more line into the plugin’s code. Mint logging is enabled by removing the hash (#) in front of this line:

 # @include_once($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]."/mint/config/auto.php");

Logging for SlimStat is disabled by adding the hash to the preceeding line in a similar way:

 # @include_once( $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]."/slimstat/inc.stats.php" ); 

An in-depth description of wet_slimpattern is here.

According to Shaun Inman, this integration is covered by the licenses of both Textpattern and Mint.

Please note: As I do not own a copy of Mint I’d leave real life tests up to some courageous souls who are kindly asked to add feedback at the comments.