wet_article_thumb: Thumbnail tag for Textpattern

21. Oktober 2005

wet_article_thumb is a plugin for Textpattern, rendering a thumbnail associated with an article’s image and optionally linking this thumbnail to the related article’s page. It combines the results of Textpattern’s built-in tags <txp:permlink />, <txp:title />, and <txp:article_image /> into a single convenient template tag.


<txp:wet_article_thumb />

  • Display the thumbnail for the current article’s image

<txp:wet_article_thumb class="thumb" link="1" />

  • Display the thumbnail for the current article’s image.
  • Apply class thumb to the image tag.
  • Make the thumbnail a link to the article. This comes handy in article lists.

Marios prepared an extensive tutorial on building a gallery site with Textpattern sporting wet_article_thumb.

Alexandra dissects Christian Sandberg’s photo blog setup in one of her german Textpattern tutorial articles, also featuring this humble Textpattern plugin.

Last, but not least, wet_article_thumb is used on this site for all article lists.

Required attributes


Optional attributes

attribute description
class CSS class which will be applied to the <img> tag. Defaults to "wet_article_thumb".
style style attribute which will be applied to the <img> tag. Defaults to “”.
align align attribute which will be applied to the <img> tag. Default is empty.
link Link the thumbnail image to the article. Defaults to "1". Set to "0" to disable the thumbnail’s link to the article.
rel rel attribute appplied to the article link. Defaults to “bookmark”, as microformats are hip these days.
link_class CSS class which will be applied to the article permlink. Default is empty.


This plug-in is released under the Gnu General Public Licence.


Get it here: wet_article_thumb.txt.

Resources and Relateds

Express your suggestions, report bugs and discuss enhancements in this Textpattern forum thread.

Change log

Date Version Notes
2005-10-21 0.1 Initial release
2005-11-03 0.2 Escape alt and title attributes
2006-08-04 0.3 Supports a comma separated list of article images, uses first image’s thumb
2007-01-03 0.4 Added rel and link_class attributes


  1. greetings Robert – I use this plugin, thank you – but having a problem

    when I have multiple article images (managed through upm_image_popper), I cannot get a thumb to display (on the home page, linking to article) – was hoping it would just pick the first in the queue

    any workarounds?

  2. No, I don’t think so. This plugin is meant to display just one thumbnail of an article image.

    I will look into it and maybe include this feature in a future release.

  3. Just wanted to thank you for this wonderful plugin. In my opinion, it should be included with Textpattern.

    And thanks for mentioning my photoblog too. :)

  4. Does this plugin work if on a subdomain linked to the main TP install on the root?

  5. It works inside a single Textpattern instance, no matter whether this installation lives inside a sub-domain or not.