wet_if_page: Textpattern plugin testing for listing page number

27. Mai 2006

wet_if_page is a Textpattern plugin providing a conditional tag. In article list mode, it takes a comma separated list of page numbers and compares it to the current page. The contained markup will be rendered when conditions are met, otherwise the “else” part is evaluated. wet_if_page works in articles, forms and page templates.


<txp:wet_if_page page="1,8,15,47">
condition met
<txp:else />
condition not met

A typical use case is testing for the presence of the very first page in a sequence of article list pages to exclude the presentation of sticky articles on pages 2 ff:

<txp:article status="sticky" />

NB: wet_if_page defaults to checking for the first page if the page attribute is not specified.

Required attributes


Optional attributes

attribute description default
page Comma separated list of page numbers “1”


This plug-in is released under the Gnu General Public Licence.


Get it here: wet_if_page.txt.

Change log

Date Version Notes
2006-05-27 0.1 Initial release


  1. Thanks for this, it is a very nifty plugin – I have just started using it on my site.