wet_native: Plugin for Textpattern CMS allows per-user language settings

28. April 2009

Cooperative site development with contributions from international collaborators is not uncommon amongst the members of the Textpattern CMS community.

Off the shelf, Textpattern CMS operates a site in one of the 40+ languages it supports and uses this i18n setting for both the publicly visible front-end and the administrative back end as well. In a multilingual development team, this forces a usability hurdle upon the more forgiving members of the team as they have to bear an eventually undecipherable backend interface.

wet_native lifts this restriction and lets administrators assign a distinct admin-side language to each registered user.

wet_native in action


Get it here: wet_native.txt.

Resources and Relateds

Express your suggestions, report bugs and discuss enhancements in this thread in the Textpattern forum.

Change log

Date Version Notes
2009-04-28 0.2.1 Initial public release
2009-04-30 0.3 Compliance with r3188
2013-05-16 0.4 Compatibility with Textpattern 4.5+ and PHP 5.2+


  1. oh greats, thanks Wet :)