wet_wetfloor: Textpattern plugin adding a “wet floor” reflection to images

3. März 2007

wet_wetfloor is a Textpattern plugin easing the use of Cow’s reflection.js. Reflection.js adds a modern glossy effect to all images, as seen on many “Web2.0” style sites on Apple’s iPod adverts trails.


Include <txp:wet_wetfloor_script /> to load the script somewhere in your page, either in your template’s <head> element or anywhere else above the first instance of <txp:wet_wetfloor>.

Embrace areas where the effect will be applied to <img> tags with <txp:wet_wetfloor> ... </txp:wet_wetfloor>. Additionally, you can specify the reflected image’s height and opacity by two optional attributes:

<txp:wet_wetfloor height="20" opacity="70">
<img src="/images/4.jpg" />
p. an interstitial paragraph.
<txp:article_image />

Required attributes


Optional attributes

attribute description default
height Reflection height as percentage of original image size. 50
opacity The reflected image’s opacity in percent. 50


You can use simply any method to produce <img> elements, either by Textile, HTML, or any Textpattern tag. As long as they are surrounded by <txp:wet_wetfloor>...</txp:wet_wetfloor>, the images will get their feet wet.

<txp:wet_wetfloor_script />
p. *images with reflections (c) sxc.hu*
<img src="/images/152.jpg" alt="tear drop" />
<txp:image id="153" />

images with reflections © sxc.hu

  • Image: SXC.HU


This plug-in is released under the Gnu General Public Licence.


Get it here: wet_wetfloor.txt.

Resources and Relateds

Express your suggestions, report bugs and discuss enhancements in this thread in the Textpattern forum.

Change log

Date Version Notes
2007-03-02 0.1 Initial public release
2007-10-13 0.2 Use reflection.js 1.7


  1. Wieder mal ein Superplugin Robert, werde ich nachher vielleicht direkt einmal bei mir einspielen.

    Mit 5 KB ist das JS ja auch in einer humanen Größe.